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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now If This Isn't Enough To P*** Off The ...... !

I still can't believe this actually happened to us!! Like how low can folks go?!

Went shopping today for the weekly grub. As is the usual with quarter in hand, you try to insert the darn thing and then  do battle with the carts to dislodge one. Well today was our lucky day - this nice attractively dressed 30s something lady had just unloaded her cart into her BMW and offers to give us her cart. As is the practice of many a shopper and a common courtesy,  hubby offers her the quarter in return. She gladly thanks him and drives off.

As we walked about grabbin' a bit of this and that, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn't see any tell tail sign of her quarter that should be in the coin depository of the cart. Nah ....it must be in there, I just couldn't see it - after all she seemed  like a nice attractively dressed 30s something lady in a BMW.

After packing our groceries into the car, I took the cart over to the area to connect the locking mechanism and engage the coin release which gives you back the quarter.  "NO" quarter - now I think 'why would a seemingly nice attractively dressed 30s something lady in a BMW accept the quarter from hubby when she never put one in'!  I don't know if I'm more shocked at the gull  or just plain p***ed off!  And its not about the darn quarter, its the principal here - certainly shakes my trust factor for sure.

Oh yes ..........  I take back my first observation:  'seemingly nice attractively dressed 30s something lady in a BMW'!!  Don't believe that you want to know what I think now!

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