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Monday, March 7, 2011

Time Stands Still For No One

When I went back home several years ago, I found that the grand old farm house that I remembered with such vivid detail was no more. There stood a delapidated old building absent of most doors and windows, floors caved and beams broken and dangling precariously. A couple of years thereafter, I went back again, perhaps thinking someone may have made this old building whole again, but those shambled remnants of its very being were now all gone. Now the land where my beloved home once stood was a grain field. My heart broke - somehow a piece of my history ceased to exist and so to, I sensed a part of me died that day too.

My page depicts a broken and deserted home that once someone love too. I found this beautiful poem written by  VanMeer which is so fitting. Its almost as if he took the thoughts right from my heart.  Then I realize there are so many of us that have come to know the same experience as we grow older in life. Time stands still for no one now does it?!

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