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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Have Been Moved Again :)

Just sitting around my 'puter this aft when I felt like my chair was being moved or lightly rocked. In fact I turned around to see if my cat was about and brushing back and forth as she does when wanting attention - mind you she would have to have been a bit stronger to duplicate the movement I had felt. This shaking or vibration lasted approximately 15 to 30 second and I began to think back to last year's earthquake. I quickly looked at the clock on my 'puter and it was now about 1:56 P.M. A few minutes later I heard the breaking news report on our local news station that an earthquake of about 5.8 had just occurred in Virginia just minutes before. Apparently we sit on a very old and same fault and that's why many folks felt some minor shaking so far North here in Toronto.

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