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Sunday, June 27, 2010

WeekEnd From Hell!!!

What happened this weekend was clearly avoidable. One begs to question right from the onset; why the very heart of Toronto's entertainment, financial and shopping district??

Was not the impact and destruction predictable - of course it was!! Doesn't take an Einstein to figure this out especially given that there were the past experiences of other host countries to draw upon.

The hooligans could not have perpetrated the chaos and the extent of damage if the summit had been held in desolate field somewhere.The inclination would have been lessened where little mind or attention would be paid them.

Kudos to the great work of our fine men and women of the policing agencies here and those who came from across this country to assist. This was an undertaking unprecedented; they did their utmost to maintain security and the safety of the community at large.

Unfortunately many Torontonians will not forget these few days when their vibrant city was essentially taken from them and the businesses, their premises damaged and their revenue losses incurred before, during and after.

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