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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No ONE Even Called!!

Dear ex-family & ex-friends,
Well I gave it more than ample time to see if anyone would even think about seeing if I was all right/hurt etc after the June23rd earthquake that hit here in southern Ontario last Wednesday @ 1:41 PM!

Seems not one of you give a crap!! It's one week later and not even "ONE" family member or "ONE" friend have checked in on me - Absolutely shameful!!!!

Oh nah, nah, nah - don't go rushing to your phone or anything now - it's way, way too late for that! All relationships are now severed.

By the way, (not that you care) , I made it thru all right but suffered quite a bit of property damage as you can see,


Seems I don't have to worry too much tho' - just received confirmation from my Insurance company that they will look after covering all the damages & anything else. Thank god for strangers!!

Your now ex-family/friend,

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