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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy CANADA Day To All!!

Queen Elizabeth always receives a warm welcome when she visits Canada though there are those who feel the monarchy no longer has a relevancy.  She looked radiant as ever as she visited Ottawa today not only to inspect the Guard of Honour at Parliament Hill Queen Eliz - July 1 2010 Ottawa but also to attend Canada Day festivities.
I remember my excitement well when I had an opportunity to see her up close and personal here and at Buckingham Palace several years a ago. She looked remarkable then and still does today at 84.  One has to marvel at her stamina; she never seems to tire  even though her  appearance itinerary is jam packed. Wish I had made a greater effort to see her this time – you never know when it could be her last visit overseas. For me, it will be a sad moment when her reign is no more.

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